The first Chiropractic adjustment was delivered in 1895 to a janitor, Harvey Lillard, in Iowa. A natural healer, known as D.D. Palmer, noticed a misalignment in Lillard’s spine while cleaning D.D.’s office. Palmer had Lillard lie flat on his belly and induced a thrust into the misalignment. That chiropractic adjustment restored the hearing of the deaf janitor and from then on, the natural from of healthcare, known as Chiropractic, began. Chiropractic was once recognized as a “cult-ish” form of healthcare, but with endless scientific research backing our philosophy, chiropractic roots grew and continue to grow deep, not only in the U.S., but throughout the world. The art, science and philosophy of Chiropractic come together to form the basis of our healthcare existence.


Chiropractic education has evolved since 1895. Doctors of Chiropractic go through rigorous education that is mediated by the Department of Education. Chiropractors must go through an undergraduate degree with pre-requisites preparing them for the application process to their Doctorate program in Chiropractic College. In their doctorate program, chiropractic students have another 4 years of post graduate education and take multiple national board exams in order to graduate with their Doctorate. Post-graduation, each state has their own board exam that must be completed and passed before they become a Licensed Chiropractor and can begin seeing patients.


Chiropractic works. Through the years, chiropractic has helped millions of patients with a variety of symptoms. Chiropractic has helped patients who have trouble conceiving to patients with headaches to infant patients with colic. Chiropractic is recognized by all health insurance companies and is continuing to grow across the world. Chiropractic focuses on the “why” things go wrong and corrects the cause of the issue rather than treating the symptom. Symptoms are not masked by synthetic pharmaceutical drugs and we do not put a “band-aid” on patient’s symptoms in chiropractic offices. The body is trying to communicate with the brain at all times and when that is disrupted, no pill in the world can correct that.